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The Magic City Casino has recruited former UM athletes to teach them how to play jai-alai. The athletes started training in February at the American Amateur Jai-Alai in North Miami. The so called “summer jai-alai” permit allows gambling on jai-alai games only from May through November, and the company can begin hosting poker games after the first jai-alai game is played. In the winter season when games are not allowed, the facility will house improv comedy performances and concerts for local bands, Havenick said. The facility is also expected to include a restaurant and hire 300 to 500 people. West Flagler is also nearing an agreement to rent the 50,000-square-foot property off Biscayne Boulevard from the development firm Crescent Heights to build the fronton and a card room for games. Because West Flagler does not intend to operate slot machines at the Edgewater site, the facility’s permit would not be affected by a requirement that the Legislature approve any new casinos or a constitutional amendment on the ballot this November that would shift approval for expanding casino gambling to voters. The amendment could affect what kinds of poker games are played on site. Both of West Flagler’s permits have been the subject of litigation, in part because of Florida’s convoluted gambling laws.

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He has also said he might speak to Boris Johnson, who quit as foreign secretary over May’s plans. May is trying to unify her deeply divided Conservative Party behind her Brexit plans with some of her own lawmakers openly speaking of a leadership challenge. In a statement ahead of Trump’s arrival, she said the visit would focus on trade and strengthening defense and security ties, saying there was no stronger alliance than Britain’s “special relationship with the U.S.” “There will be no alliance more important in the years ahead,” she said. “This week we have an opportunity to http://casinobingofsq.recentblog.net deepen this unique trading relationship and begin discussions about how we will forge a strengthened, ambitious and future-proof trade partnership.” Despite the welcome from May, many Britons are opposed to Trump’s visit. A YouGov poll on Wednesday showed 77 percent had an unfavorable opinion of the president and just 50 percent thought his visit should go ahead. “I think they like me a lot in the UK,” Trump said in Brussels. “I think they agree with me on immigration. I’m very strong on immigration.” Nick Hurd, Britain’s Policing Minister, told parliament police expected more than 100 protests across the country, including two large demonstrations in London on Friday, and there were robust and proportionate plans in place. Ian Blackford, the Scottish National Party’s leader in the Westminster parliament, said he regretted that May’s government would roll out the red carpet for Trump. “From the public, the welcome will be far from warm,” he told lawmakers on Wednesday, noting there would be protests across the country against Trump’s “abysmal record on human rights, his repugnant attitude toward women and his disgusting treatment of minorities”.


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Gaming or gambling? Online transactions blur boundaries

The researchers have examined a range of popular online games that include the option of paying small fees ('microtransactions') to access additional features or content that enhance the player's experience. In an editorial published today in the journal Addiction, the researchers say some online games enable endless spending behaviours and employ systems that disguise or withhold the long-term cost of these microtransactions. The true financial cost of such games may not be obvious until the player is financially or psychologically committed and then finds it more difficult to stop. "These schemes may entice some players to spend more money than they may have intended or can afford, especially when using credit cards or virtual currency that makes it hard to keep track of spending," says Dr Daniel King, Senior Research Associate in the University of Adelaide's School of Psychology. He and fellow author Professor Paul Delfabbro, also from the School of Psychology, focus on a purchasing scheme called the 'loot box', an in-game reward system in which players can repeatedly buy a random selection of virtual items. The loot box feature has recently been the subject of regulatory attention across many jurisdictions, with the Belgian Gambling Commission announcing in April this year that loot boxes were an illegal form of gambling. "Players hoping to win a particular item may end up repeatedly buying loot boxes at significant personal expense," says Dr King. "Because loot boxes require no player skill and have a randomly determined outcome or prize, they function similarly to scratch tickets or gambling slot machines." The editorial follows the World Health Organization's announcement last week that it plans for the first time to include 'gaming disorder' in its diagnostic manual, the International Classification of Diseases. The authors hope that drawing further attention to these new financial aspects in http://pokeroix.basinperlite.com games may contribute to continuing debates on the nature and extent of gaming-related harms. The researchers call loot boxes and similar schemes 'predatory monetisation' because they encourage repeated spending using tactics that may involve limited disclosure of the product, unavoidable solicitations, and manipulation of reward outcomes to encourage purchasing behaviours over skilful play.

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